Good day, I am Wouter Vegter

Since November 2014 I am full time working on my dream project. It is a true moonshot project: a small chance on having significant impact on the evolution of IT. Dedicated working for a long time on a single project seems to fit my personality quite well. I am mostly known for my extreme drive for abstract framework creation and refactoring, contributing to the abstracter good. Somehow I got used to looking at the same code for hours: I seldom encounter programmers that code slower than I do. Writing methods bigger than 500 lines is something I take pride in. Having more than 200 lines in any of your methods is considered an atrocity by the majority of programmers.

Through my career in software so far, I have seen my fair share of programming frameworks like Rails, Android, Android data sync mechanisms, Android ORMs, MVC, Dynamic Data (and php & VB6 of course:) ). This has brought me a thorough understanding of preferred and non-preferred data flows in the development of mobile and web software.

I had my first company when I was 17, which I sold 6 months later. I wanted to finish my  study Business Information Technology at the University of Twente.

My MSc graduation thesis was formulating an outside in, proposition oriented strategy for a top 3 player in the Dutch car insurance market. My thesis explained & encouraged them to commit their strategy even more to the exploration of information technology and social networks in their service propositions. My master thesis has learned me much about trends shaping todays society; how IT is supposed to be only at the first half of its impact, social networks are strengthened, and traditionally powerful organizations have to adapt themselves increasingly to the self organizing power of social networks. Governments are stepping back from their previously assumed role of innovator, which now is increasingly being fulfilled by commercial organizations and self organizing social networks supported by IT.


2008 –

I am co-owner of the app agency (founded 2008), with which I was involved since my graduation in 2010, sharing responsibility for our employees, products, technical quality and customers.

IT is mostly an enabler,  sometimes it creates entirely new propositions. We enabled process and proposition innovation in the markets of facility management, publishing, and public transit. Our footprints in these markets will likely sustain in the coming years as they currently do. We made a multitude of apps in other markets.

We won awards at contests organized by Google, Accenture, SpinAwards, European Newspaper Award, and some others. Apple recommended our NRC Reader iOS app as ‘great subscription’ in the app store; a place which is only reserved for work that Apple sees as meeting a standard of high quality. Several of our products were featured nationally; in newspapers and on television. We worked for companies like PayPal, Vodafone, Sanoma, RDW, NRC Media, Vebego, NS (Dutch Railways), ANWB, Blendle, RET, GVB, the Dutch Red Cross, RWS, Veolia, the Dutch government and Google.

A side project was writing Dutch Android devtutorials which where published at It consisted out of 10 tutorials, starting in plain easy language, and gradually using more programming terms. If they were to be printed, it would have been about 120 pages. When you need to write a long text as an author, you are forced to rethink every subtlety of every sentence, giving you an even more thorough understanding about what you are actually writing. This is ever more so true for writing extremely abstract code as well.


November 2014 – Splitting our ways

pasofoto 2011 3x4During the Q2 of 2014, we got approached by Uber (and an undisclosed other company out of the same league). We started talking, and my partners were very much interested in working for Uber. After two weeks of consideration I decided I wanted to take on my own challenges. As of november they are working for Uber. I skipped this opportunity.

I have had too much seemingly confirmations that IT is still shaping the world and that I may have the required skills to have more impact with my own ideas. Money was not a big consideration for me. If it was, and I did not have my moonshot project idea, I might have joined Uber.

Uber did not buy the name Moop. Uber got our employees. So Moop still exists. I am going full focus on my own moonshot project, dedicating all my working-time to it. Around Q2 2016 I will try to get public feedback.


April 2015 – Update

I’m still full focus. I’ve made minor pivots in my intended proposition and planned intermediate milestones & deliverables to my market, but I still hope I can advance the Android app development industry next year.


June 2015 – Getting there

After having my codebase open for the past 2-3 months I’m finally able to compile again without errors. I think I have resolved all major technical outstanding questions, I will continue with implementing & testing my solutions. I plan to have the base of my framework ready by September. After that I will start approaching Android developers, because I yet have to start with making a market fit with my beachhead.


August 2015 – 1000 small steps for me, one giant leap for the information technology industry

I rarely take concessions on the quality of my code. My progress is very slow but of (hopefully) very high quality. For the second time I postponed my delivery. I  expect to enter my market around June/July 2016. Stay tuned. If you ever want to know what I’m up to, meet me in Amsterdam:)


November 2015 – going steady

Actually no other news to report other than that I’m still full focus working on my project. The technical potential of my project still seems very promising. June/July 2016 might still be feasible for a first show off.


March 2016

In the coming two months I'm about to finish the core parts of my system. After that I will still need roughly a half year to optimize everything.


September 2016

Ouch. My project is taking far longer than I thought, even while I'm already working full-time on it for 2 years now. My next estimate is to have something to show in August 2017, so roughly a year from now. My goal still is to create a significant innovation in the information technology.


P.s. I am aware of the current trend of personal branding that everything should be fantastic & awesome (link), but that’s not my style of writing & believing. If you miss these terms, please imaginary insert them by yourself (e.g. moonshot project -> fantastic moonshot project, propositions -> awesome propositions).